Set a reminder for the MurkCast 2 Year Anniversary

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Text from ‘official announcement’:

Noise Show // Freak Fest // Surreal Spectacle
OMG we made it, let’s melt in a mess of sound & static.
YouTube Livestream Event broadcasting Friday, May 19rd at 7PM Central LIVE from Studio IC in Chicago, Illinois.
INTERACTIVE: We will be responding to your tweets, pokes, and tags
No Dreams
Spa Moans
Jay Feather
My Boyfriend the Pilot
Alexander Adams
shabrak (the noise Union of Sara Goodman and Hanna Brock)
Bigfoot in Bondage
Hazel Bishop
Eric Newmiller
Ray Zibiz
Caitlin Franklin
Sad Plant
Meester Magpipe
Drone Church
Projections by Sara Goodman and Haley McCormick
Email for the address
Enter thru alley ~ $10 donation
We’re grateful for all your support the past 2 years!