A Resting Bell Sounds – featuring two new MBP remix-ish tracks

“A Resting Bell Sounds,” the new album from Reader Advisor & Friends, is available now on bandcamp at https://readeradvisor.bandcamp.com/album/a-resting-bell-sounds

Composed at a distance by 10 individuals from a common kernel of resonance, “A Resting Bell Sounds” feels like a suite or song cycle. Or perhaps better, like theme and variations — but in tone/texture rather than melody/harmony.

All proceeds from sales of this album and the individual tracks will go to The Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, which provides financial relief to workers and organizations in the creative industries impacted by COVID-19.

from the bandcamp page:  “A Resting Bell Sounds” is an inspiring album of wonderfully textural, ambient music. The “songs” run the gamut from pretty and soothing to droning and mechanistic. They feature a through-line of gorgeous bell tones: sometimes in the foreground, sometimes in the background, sometimes barely recognizable.